Microsoft Surface games

Two of the most popular of Zynga’s mobile games were scheduled to be released on Windows Phone. That was back in June when we first got to hear that news. Post that news, at least one of them is making its promised debut on Windows Phone. “Draw Something”, the very popular game on Zynga is now available on Windows Phones albeit on Nokia Lumia devices only. This exclusivity is going to be for the promised two months post launch. The Pictionary-esque game is not going to released yet on Windows Phone platform, just yet and also there is still no word on the other promised game “Words With Friends.”

Those that does not have a Nokia Lumia phone don’t fret, Nokia is planning to bring “Draw Something” along with “Zynga Poker” to its Asha line of budget phones soon.

All said we would have loved something like this for the Surface RT tablet. Currently the Surface RT is an excellent piece of hardware that even iPad users will envy about, but is desperately short of quality surface games and other Apps.