Surface Phone

It was about a month ago when China Times reported Microsoft could be secretly dabbling at a Windows powered phone of their own (Microsoft Surface Phone). Apparently they were targeting a 2013 release. BGR, a tech site approved it when they published a similar news. It was followed by a similar story in  WSJ.

If reports are to be believed, Microsoft is working with Asian component partners and working away at a branded Smartphone design. The phone is going to be around 4 to 5 inches in length, something that is quite ambiguous by the standards of the SmartPhone world. However there is no word on a launch date and quite understandably Microsoft is silent.

The rumors of Microsoft Surface Phone were understood to be a failsafe of sorts, a Plan B for Microsoft just in case the first line of Windows Phone 8 devices failed to garner interests. Analyst and market watchers would still be inclined to believe that because it is difficult to think Microsoft making a quantum jump into the Smartphone market. But for speculations’ sake if they do manage to become obsessed with the idea, the phone is probably going to be sold only on the Microsoft online and offline stores, very much like the Surface RT tablet. We will probably not see any carrier deals.

At this point we can only wait and watch.