microsoft surface tablet apps

Unlike popular believe Microsoft had been toiling away quietly to make sure that their Windows 8 operating system and Surface RT tablet are launched with a plethora of apps ready to download. In fact Research VP Wes Miller at third party analyst company Directions had revealed last week there were no less than 5563 Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface apps available in Windows store.

Just today Miller announced since that announcement, the Windows store has seen a quantum jump in the number of apps. The current figure he claims is 7873 making this the biggest single week jump since the launch of the store.

With Microsoft having another press conference scheduled for Thursday in New York City, chances are we can expect to see some more Windows 8 RT apps making their way to the app store. With the scheduled launch of Windows 8 and Surface RT tablets on Friday that is but just ideal for Windows users. An official announcement for a Facebook or Twitter app for the Windows 8 platform or for the RT? Let’s wait and see.