Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft is at its height of success, at its apex of their triumph hitherto. Taking into consideration the year 2012, first they bombarded the technological media with announcing the Windows 8, along with the RT tablets, which will be touch screen tablets, also accompanied by a keyboard to be more decisive, it can be dubbed as a PAD which will be coming with Windows 8 as a default OS with the all new metro type galvanized user interface. That just not it, just as we mentioned above that Microsoft is at its apex of their triumph till now, we have a valid manifest regarding this matter, yes the RT Tablets will come along with Windows 8 as a default or pre-installed Operating System but more the thing which makes it even more peculiar is that it will be shipped with pre-installed MS Office 13.

The preview of the Microsoft Office 2013 is already out and rolling among the techno enthusiasts from the past few weeks, Microsoft claims that the Office 13 will be available to all the Tablets supported by an ARM processor; RT Surface tablet is the first to be expected. As the Office 2013 RT will be available only for touch tablets, probably accompanied by a keyboard as well with an ARM processor, thus Microsoft removed some of the features which include, VBA scripting, Macros and some third party plug-ins, this will make the Office 13 RT less stressful on the tablet and will not be a Battery eater, up till now Microsoft claims that the RT tablets will be pre-installed with a preview of MS Office 2013 where as an update for the full version will be hitting the web in early 2013.

Microsoft Office 2013 is the first ever desktop publishing and word processing software ever built to support both PC and a Tablet and perhaps smartphones as well at a great platform. So lets get into the a little nitty- gritty of the all new Microsoft Office 2013, the Office 2013 will have a metro like user-interface just like Windows 8, it seems quite unusual that a word processing software can be supported by a touch screen tablet, but that’s the electrifying master piece created by Microsoft, the reason why Microsoft is at it’s apex right now, even the new email platform introduced which is dubbed as outlook has dumbfounded all the technology enthusiasts out there.

It was expected that the Office 2013 for RT tablets will be a fail experience, but all these expectation were attested as wrong right after the Office 2013 release preview, although the release preview is for Desktop PC’s but the top class engineers claim it to be a spectacular master piece created by Microsoft to support both Touch tablets and PC’s without any major amendments in both of the versions User Interface.

We can say that Windows 8 is being accompanied by the all new Microsoft 2013 and contemplate it as a part of Windows 8 User Interface and Features. Microsoft Office , without any problem be blended into the Windows 8 User Interface, as it gives the same fascination look as the Windows 8 moreover it will make Windows 8 solo from the other Operating Systems, i.e Mountain Lion. Moreover Windows 8 can be considered solo not only because of blending the Microsoft Office 2013 in it but it’s first time ever introduced Metro and Tiles type User-Interface which is Beautiful .

At this point we can justify the 2013 Microsoft Office too much, because it’s final and official release is still 6 months away and it Microsoft may make some more changes. But still it is a brilliant master piece from Microsoft.

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