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The “Modern” user interface of the Windows 8 was specifically designed for use on touch screen displays. Although the mouse and the keyboard can still be used, the best way to interact with the Start screen or an app on the Windows 8 UI is to use your fingers.

This issue faces people who only want to upgrade their old PC with the Windows 8 OS. Some may also have purchased a Windows 8 laptop or desktop that does not feature a touch screen display. However, this does not have to be a problem as indicated in a recent Maximum PC report. The report revealed that Targus is set to release a Touch Pen that allows users of PC devices without touchscreen displays to interact with the Windows 8 Modern UI.

According to the report, a receiver is used by the Targus Touch Pen to link up with a PC. This will allow users to interact with the monitor of the PC and benefit from the Windows 8 UI. The receiver is expected to be connected to the PC through a USB port. No additional software is necessary for the pen to be used, according to Targus.

The Touch Pen is expected to enter the market in the second quarter of the year, and will have a price tag of around d$100. Some people may find this costly, but it may also prove useful for non-touch screen devices using Windows 8. However, there are other alternatives to the Touch Pen that will not cost that much, including the RetroUI, Pokki and Start8.

Source: Maximum PC & Image via Targus

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