Google Apps for Windows RT

While Google did come up with the official search app for Windows 8, the app did not support Windows RT straight away. That meant the thousands of Surface RT users were unable to take advantage of Google’s powerful search program. Today however the search giant is making amends. An update to the previous app is now addressing the problem and Windows RT users will now be able to use Google search on their tablets. It also means that any other RT tablets including the Asus Vivo Tab RT and the upcoming Windows RT tablets from Dell, Samsung and other manufacturers can also use the search app straight away.

It is also reported that the new search app is more YouTube friendly and has more support for it. What it means is for the first time Windows 8 and RT users will be able to watch YouTube videos right from inside the apps.

Users installing the app will be able to use Google search in place of the default Microsoft Bing. For a change they can use this app instead of the Search Charm that is default in Windows 8 and RT. The app is also compatible with many of Google’s other products including Gmail, Google Maps, Google+, Google Drive and even offers users an option to use voice search.

Google has however not come up with a similar dedicated app for Windows 8 or RT for its other popular services like YouTube, Google Maps etc.