Windows 8 Patch

Two weeks since the launch of Windows 8 and its ARM-cousin the Windows RT, Microsoft is going to release first updates for both the operating systems this week. This is keeping with Microsoft’s ongoing monthly “Patch Tuesday” event. In light of the updates, Microsoft has posted updates on its security bulletin page, giving brief details. A total of six different updates will be released by Microsoft tomorrow. These are aimed at addressing 19 different issues pertaining to a number of software products. Three of these updates are related with the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the Windows 8. All the updates are marked as critical. Two of the 19 updates are related with Windows RT the same OS that is being used in Microsoft’s Surface tablet. One of the two updates are being tagged as critical and the other one as simply important.

At this time however no further details about the nature of the updates and what these patches are likely to address is available. This is understandable as Microsoft is not in the mood to let off details to hackers and compromise those vulnerabilities. A French security firm VUPEN had mentioned that they have discovered a “day zero” loophole in Windows 8. They however did not reveal the details of the loophole to Microsoft, choosing instead to sell the information to governments and large corporations. Microsoft in a statement mentioned that they saw the claims made by VUPEN but did not made any further comments about the accuracy of those claims.

Source: Microsoft