Microsoft Surface Tablet

We have had great discussions on the features of the Surface tablet, what users want, what average users want, what gamers want and so on. We also compared Surface tablet with iPad and gave you reasons why you should prefer Surface tablet over an iPad. Well, there are endless of discussions that can be initiated. Today we are going to discuss what the IT professionals think about Surface tablet and are they willing to buy it?

I myself is a software engineering student and I do a lot of programming work. I don’t have any experience of working in an industry yet, but I’m pretty sure about the needs of a programmer and an IT professional. There are many parameters that we need to take care of while choosing the hardware and the software. The hardware we choose, the software (tools) we choose and the challenges we face, these all always depend on the conditions and situations. You can say an IT professional’s software and hardware requirements are quite versatile.

Yes, of course, an high-end desktop computer can fulfill the need of most of the software developers. But when it comes to portability and BYOD medium then the mobility becomes first priority. So far IT professionals that are connected with organizations under the BYOD terms and conditions have laptops. These IT pros open their laptop and start working. There is not even a single tablet that can compete the productiveness of a laptop. When Microsoft pulled the curtains off the Surface tablet with Windows 8 Pro then it becomes clear that this full fledge tablet is going to home in the heart of users, or laptop users at least.

Surface Tablet For System Administrators

System administrations need to sit in front of the Linux systems most of the time. But when they are not at workstation and need to connect to the servers remotely then Microsoft tablet can prove to be a powerful tool for this. The sysadmin can have a keyboard and he / she can attach a mouse with USB 3.0 ports and bingo! You have the whole PC available. Now just an Internet connection and you are almost connected to your company’s servers remotely.

Surface Tablet For Web Developers

Just as sysadmins can make use of the Surface tablet, web developers can also make use of it. Surface with Windows 8 Pro is capable of running a full fledge operating system that can run almost all the Windows 7 applications. It means Surface Pro will also be able to run IDEs. A simple IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is not a processor and memory hungry application. So it will run smoothly on Surface tablet. This makes Surface tablet a Web Developer friendly device.


Surface with Windows 8 Pro is the only tablet that an IT professional can use for his / her professional work. The main reason why it will be an adequate tool for IT pros is that Surface got Intel core processor, nVidia graphics card and an operating system that is no similar to mobile operating systems and is as powerful as a desktop operating system is. This helps IT professionals to run the software, they used to use on desktop PC, on their tablet computers. That is why IT pros will buy Microsoft Surface tablet.