Microsoft Surface Tablet

After its mysterious disappearance earlier this month, WhatsApp became available again in the Windows Phone Marketplace last August 12. This cross-platform messenger that is designed to replace the use of SMS in your phones reappeared with its new version Most users thought that when the app returns, it will be offered with a $0.99 upfront price, but contrary to this, the new version is still free of charge for its first year of service.

In this new release, the WhatsApp toolbar has additional improvements, including the options for Search, My Status, and Create Group, as confirmed in their Web page here. Another change that people can see is more control over the notifications in the app’s configuration menu. It was reported that some emoticons have been removed but WhatsApp officials have yet to confirm this.

With the introduction of Microsoft Surface Tablet just around the corner, we are expecting that a new version of WhatsApp will be released for the Surface Tablet or for any Windows 8 tablet. We have asked WhatsApp officials about this through their Twitter account and we are hoping for their reply soon. Stay tuned for that.