Surface Tablet

Since the launch of the Microsoft Surface tablet we at have been covering topics related to the hardware of the surface tablet, web services that Surface tablet can use and the software applications which can run on it that can increase our productivity. Today we are going to do the same. In this article we will discussing about Microsoft SharePoint tool and what features and add-ons it should have to be successful with the Surface tablet.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Before we start discussing what SharePoint needs for its success in Surface tablet I want to clarify what Microsoft SharePoint is. So that our readers who are unaware of SharePoint can get involved in the theme of the post.

At first, when launched in 2011, SharePoint used to offer intranet content management and document management services. But now it has diverse functionalities. It can be used to provide document and file management, collaboration services, websites, enterprise search, intranet portals and other business related tools.

SharePoint’s look and feel like Microsoft Office and is integrated with Microsoft Office. It is designed for non-technical users so that they can enjoy the intranet services easily.

Features SharePoint Should Possess For Integration Into Surface Tablet

1. Adjusting Application For Touch

When it comes to smartphone and tablet application development then one must know that only the small touch screen is the input and the very same small touch screen is the output. Same will be the case with Surface tablet with the exception that it comes with type and touch cover which have track pad on them. No doubt the current SharePoint Ribbon is quite intuitive, navigation friendly and it has everything a non-technical person need in front of it. But currently it’s quite inappropriate for a tablet because it is very hard to deal with the SharePoint Ribbon through touch! So we expect that the upcoming version of SharePoint will have a proper support for Surface Tablet.

2. Design Of The SharePoint Website

For a desktop PC browser, accessing and using SharePoint website is quite easy. There is a huge screen with a support of precise cursor that can be well controlled through the mouse. However, now there are many mobile platforms with different size of screen and different type of inputs as stated in the previous point. So, in order to keep the SharePoint’s website intuitive then flexibility is highly demanded. For each platform, including Surface Tablet, there should be different UI for best UX.

3. Look And Feel Of SharePoint

Recently Microsoft announces with an amazing new look. This new look is made so as to get absorb in the Metro UI of the Windows 8. Same should happen with SharePoint. SharePoint should also get a new theme that can get absorb in Windows 8 Metro look.


Microsoft is optimizing all its products to fit perfectly with its anticipated Surface tablet. Microsoft doesn’t have any advantage of an App Store which is full of applications that can please the customers, though Surface Pro will be able to run Windows 7 applications, so it is very necessary that all the current products of Microsoft should comply with the Surface tablet so that Microsoft can put its maximum potential on selling a tablet which is a complete PC. Surface Tablet has very nice hardware specs and now all eyes on the applications and features from the software side Microsoft can provide to the consumers.