Vimeo for Windows 8 RT

Two weeks into the launch of Windows 8 the Windows Store for apps is getting richer by the day. The official app for video sharing and streaming service Vimeo made a quiet appearance of its own. Vimeo fights for the same spot with popular services like YouTube  and has its own dedicated section of users. Vimeo has garnered over eight million registered and 65 million unique users. Back in January Vimeo made a revamping of their site design which now allows videos of larger duration along with a number of new features.

The official Vimeo app had the following description:
Upload and watch your videos on Vimeo, browse our expertly curated featured channels, watch user videos, share video links to other apps, and even project content to any connected external devices via our PlayTo integration.

If you’re looking to download the app for your Windows 8 tablets you may find there are five versions currently available; one each for:

  1. Windows 8 tablet like Surface RT
  2. Vimeo for HP
  3. Vimeo for Samsung
  4. Vimeo for Dell
  5. Vimeo recommended by VAIO

They are basically the same app but with slightly different labels for the specific hardware.