Surface Tablet Keyboard

Several videos were released by Microsoft that highlighted the different features of the recently-released Surface RT tablet. Some of the videos highlighted the material used for the Microsoft Surface tablet and the features that it offers to users. One recent video focused on the Touch Cover of the device and how it offers a keyboard experience for its users.

Apparently work on the pressure-sensitive keyboard already started ever since 2003. However, during this time it was not yet ready to be released into the market. After the development of its tablet offering began, the company decided to look at its previous work on the pressure-sensitive keyboard.

According to the video, despite the three-millimeter thickness of the Touch Cover, it still offers a similar performance as a full laptop keyboard. In addition to the three-millimeter thick Touch Cover, the company also offers a six-millimeter version that is meant for users who are looking for the classic keyboard experience.

The video also showed how the Surface Touch Cover magnetically links with the Microsoft Surface tablet. It showed that when the Touch Cover was pulled to the back, only the texture of the Touch Cover is felt but when it is pulled out, the Surface RT tablet becomes a “fast typing machine”.

Image: Microsoft Video