Tweetro surface tablet

Third party Twitter app maker Lazyworm Applications were recently forced to remove their free Twitter app for Windows 8, Tweetro, from the Windows Store. According to stipulations by Twitter no third party app maker can have more than 100,000 users and Tweetro had recently touched that mark.

In order to see if they can get an exemption from this rule, specially as the official Twitter app is not due to be released for a few more months, Lazyworm Applications contacted Twitter. However what they got back was not encouraging. Twitter refused to make an exception citing that Tweetro “does not qualify for an exemption.”

Atta Elayyan, Lazyworm Applications’ co-founder however did not believe that this is the virtual end of the road for Tweetro. A paid version of the app is what they are planning to release in the forthcoming weeks. No information has been shared about the cost of the app but what is being suggested is that users who have already downloaded the free app will have to purchase the paid version in order to continue using it.

Image via oldschooljunkie