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There was a report a few days ago by Lazywormapps that the third party Twitter app Tweetro had hit the 100,000 client user limit, effectively making it unusable. Tweetro had pleaded with Twitter to make an exception in their case and to extend the life of the app. Lazywormapps had reported a few days later that Tweetro’s plead was put down by Twitter citing the reason – “…does not qualify for exemption.”

With a possibility that a paid Tweetro app was imminent, the market was waiting for an announcement. That announcement came finally via an update on the official Tweetro app Twitter account. A new app Tweetro+ has been sent to Microsoft for certification.

Lazywormapps co-founder Atta Elayyen mentioned that there is however going to be certain negativity in the launch of this new paid app. Those users who had already downloaded the free version will now have to make a payment to continue using it. There is however no word on the price for the paid app, which we are sure, is going to be revealed over the course of the next few days.

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