Twitter for Windows 8

Tweetro, an app development team that is associated with Twitter, saw a big spike in it’s downloads when the Microsoft Surface  RT tablet was released at the end of October. The popularity of the Windows 8 and the subsequent increase in downloads quickly brought the number to the 100,000 users mark. Now Tweetro is stuck in the conundrum of having an app that is just as popular as the Microsoft Surface tablet but is unable to distribute it. Any Surface RT user trying to download the app receives a “cannot connect to service” error message and Tweetro has stated the product is “completely crippled” consequently.

The Windows 8  tablet has yet to see an official app from Twitter and Tweetro has been the only alternative for Surface tablet users. Earlier this year Twitter announced new restrictions on developers and their APIs. The third party developers who create apps for Twitter are limited to 100,000 users’ total. After that, they have to get “permission” or work directly with Twitter. The new restrictions have left Tweetro a little dumbfounded as Twitter originally said they would have until January or March of 2013 to conform to the regulations and they feel they have been hobbled in mid-stride.