Touch Cover Issues

A number of reports had emerged on some issues connected to the Touch Cover of the Microsoft Surface tablet. The reports indicated that the plastic shell of the keyboard will unravel and result to the exposure of the connecting wires.

According to a report, this issue may result from folding the keyboard all the way to the back of the Surface RT tablet. When this happens, the plastic shell may be overstretched and becomes loose. Although duct tape may be used to deal with this issue, it appears that there is a better way to solve this problem.

Consumers will have to contact the Surface Support of Microsoft at 1-800-642-7676 or 1-800-Microsoft. After going through the initial menu options, explain the problem to the Surface Technical Support. It is recommended to have the original order number at hand.

You will be given two options in replacing the Touch Cover. In the first option or the Advanced Exchange, your credit card will be held while the replacement Touch Cover is shipped. A return shipping tag will also be sent by the company to you for the Touch Cover that will be replaced. You will have to make sure that the old Touch Cover will be returned within fifteen days or the hold of the credit card will become a charge on the card.

In the second option, a return tag will be emailed by Microsoft to you in order for you to send the old Touch Cover to the company. After the cover is received by the company and its warranty status is verified, the replacement Touch Cover for the Surface RT tablet will be shipped to you.

It may take some time before you will be able to talk with a Surface Support agent since you will have to call the Microsoft Store before you will be transferred to product support and to a Surface Support agent. This is the best way to deal with the problems that you may encounter with the Touch Cover of the Microsoft Surface tablet although you may have to spend a couple of minutes to get things started.

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