Microsoft Surface Tablet

A September conference in San Francisco to feature a talk about Intel’s new chip microarchitecture.

Intel’s annual conference is always being anticipated most especially the talks about their next-gen silicon. This year, they will showcase Haswell. What makes Haswell interesting? Well, for one, it is expected to be inside some of the world’s thinnest, lightest, and powerful ultrabooks, Macbooks, and tablet-ultrabook hybrids in the market. And, with talks about the next version of the Microsoft Surface Tablet being in the works, it is possible that this popular Surface Tablet will have Haswell, too.

Haswell is a new microarchitecture and is expected to have versions of a processor that will combine the PC’s many core functions inside once chip package incomparable to any other Intel processor available these days. It will also include a part of the chipset, which is generally contained inside a separate chip package. All of these integrations will result to longer battery life, something that everyone would want for their PCs to have.

This chip is similar to a system-on-a-chip, also known as SoC. Most of the latest and most powerful smartphones and tablets these days, such as the Microsoft Surface Tablet, are powered by ARM-based SoCs. So, you can just imagine how powerful Haswell will be.

Various sessions are lined up during the IDF 2012 that will discuss about Haswell and how it will transform devices such as the Microsoft Surface Tablet into a very powerful tool that people will certainly desire.

The session called “Intel Next Generation Microarchitecture Code Name Haswell: New Processor Innovators” is set to include talks about Haswell’s “Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel AVX2) hardware” and “Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel TSX) hardware”.

Another session will talk about the “performance and quality improvements for Intel Quick Sync Video Technology” and “low power media features for Ultrabook”.

Many have been asking just how much silicon will Intel put into Haswell. While there is no information yet that comes directly from Intel, CPU World says that the Haswell models that are expected to be released to the consumer market starting June to August of next year will integrate two CPU cores, one or two DDR3 memory controllers, Lynx Point chipset, and up to GT3 (high-end Intel) graphics. It is also expected to consume only a maximum of 15 Watts on average.

There have been talks about the new version of the Microsoft Surface Tablet, which is expected to contain the Haswell chip. If you are fond of the Surface Tablet, then this major development will surely make you like it even more.