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Microsoft Surface Vs Galaxy Tablet

Microsoft Surface announced its most awaited tablet, MS surface. It was earlier considered to be a multi touch based NUI device but then Microsoft decided to rename the technology and name it Microsoft Surface tablet PC. With the announcement of Microsoft Surface Tablet PC in market, Read More →

Microsoft Surface Tablet Vs New iPad

Microsoft has trotted its new range of Surface tablet last jun. Microsoft’s Surface tablet PC is the new buzz in the world of tablets. Basically it is a touch screen gadget with 10.6 inches display. It uses tile based operating system and it will Read More →

Rumor And News: Microsoft Surface Tablet

In this article we will cast light on the news and rumors related to the Microsoft's Surface tablet. There are a lot of gossips around the mediasphere related to the features of the new Surface tablet. Will it be able to beat iPad? What will be its effect Read More →

Surface tablet messed up HP’s tablet plan

Bloomberg confirmed parts of the report with an HP spokesperson, who said that the Hewlett-Packard Co will hold off selling tablets based on ARM technology when the next version of Microsoft Windows operating system debuts later this year.

HP will instead focus on x86-based Windows 8 tablets. “The Read More →

Is Microsoft Surface Tablet the Xbox pad?

Gaming is an important part of the computer devices. Apple is well aware of the importance of the games that is why it has a separate category for games at its app store. Games have a nice amount of downloads in Apple's app store and Android's app store. Read More →

Microsoft Surface Tech Specifications

Microsoft has recently launched Microsoft Surface tablets in competition with iPad. No release date for Ms Surface has been announced yet but from the initial look, it seems to be a big accomplishment for Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface is an ongoing sequence of tablets Read More →

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