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Mainstream Support For Surface Pro Available Until Mid-2017

The 64GB and 128GB models of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet are already available in the market. The support page of Microsoft has indicated that users living in Canada and the United States will be able to benefit Read More →

International Release OF Microsoft Surface Pro Coming Soon

The Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet has not entered the market yet and it will initially be offered in Canada and the United States. For potential buyers living outside of the North American continent, they will have to wait for the release of the Read More →

New 64 GB Surface RT, accessories launches on Feb 9th to a larger market

Along with the Surface Pro launch information released earlier today Microsoft has also come up with an announcement for a new 64 GB version of the Surface RT Tablet . The new version comes along with the launch of a new Wedge Touch Mouse Read More →

Surface Pro goes on sale on Feb 9th in the US and Canada

All those who have been waiting for news on the Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet launch date take a deep breath. Microsoft has finally come up with a launch date for the Pro model. February 9th. Yes, that’s the date when the Surface Read More →

Samsung shelving plans to launch the ATIV tab in US

It looks like the Samsung ATIV Tab is not going to make its US debut after all. Amidst reports of weakening sales of the Surface RT and all the confusion that is surrounding the Windows RT operating system, Samsung have decided that they Read More →

Microsoft Surface Tablet Does Not Contribute Much Internet Traffic

A recent study revealed that the Microsoft Surface tablet was barely used to surf the internet, according to

The study was conducted by an ad network that monitors internet traffic, Chitika. Chitika evaluated tablet impressions numbering tens of millions from its network in Canada and the Read More →