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First patch for the 2013 brings a number of Windows RT updates

Last Tuesday January 8th was the day when Microsoft rolled out its first patch Tuesday of the New Year. Along with the many bits of usual patches and updates that Microsoft normally does they also rolled out important updates for the Windows RT operating Read More →

Windows RT Of Surface RT Tablet Set To Receive Patch

A recent report indicated that the coming Patch Tuesday will see another set of bug fixes released to the Windows 8 and Windows RT, which is used on the Surface RT Read More →

The Surface RT get updates

The Surface RT should be appreciated as a very good attempt by Microsoft at the hardware segment, in spite of the fact that there are some nagging issues with both the hardware and the software that powers it. Performance wise there is still a lot of room to Read More →

Windows 8 and RT, first patches coming up

Two weeks since the launch of Windows 8 and its ARM-cousin the Windows RT, Microsoft is going to release first updates for both the operating systems this week. This is keeping with Microsoft’s ongoing monthly “Patch Tuesday” event. In light of the updates, Microsoft has posted updates on Read More →

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