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Tweetro+ sent to Microsoft for certification

There was a report a few days ago by Lazywormapps that the third party Twitter app Tweetro had hit the 100,000 client user limit, effectively making it unusable. Tweetro had pleaded with Twitter to make an exception in their case and to extend the life of the app. Read More →

Oprah tweet’s praising the Surface, on an iPad!

Oprah recently mentioned the Microsoft Surface as one of her ‘favorite things’ to gift in 2012. In a special Sunday night Favorite Things 2012 episode she revealed the list and mentioned the Microsoft Surface Tablet as definitely Read More →

Twitter brings an end to the free Tweetro app, paid app imminent

Third party Twitter app maker Lazyworm Applications were recently forced to remove their free Twitter app for Windows 8, Tweetro, from the Windows Store. According to stipulations by Twitter no third party app maker can have more than Read More →

Tweetro Hobbled by Twitter

Tweetro, an app development team that is associated with Twitter, saw a big spike in it’s downloads when the Microsoft Surface  RT tablet was released at the end of October. The popularity of the Windows 8 and the subsequent increase in downloads quickly brought the number to the Read More →

New Skype Interfaced for Windows 8 Leaked on Twitter

The Microsoft Surface tablet, in all likelihood, will have its own version of Skype that is designed specifically for the Windows 8 operating system. The voice and video calling capabilities of the Windows 8 Tablets have been significantly improved over previous models and Read More →

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