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Surface RT Vs Kindle Fire HD 8.9 4G LTE

Sweet November is here and the war of tablets has just started to escalate to an all new level. All the tablet and gadget manufacturers are releasing their, otherwise secretive, specs of upcoming releases in the hopes that gadget fan-boys and geeks might end up selecting their device Read More →

Is Surface Tablet An Enterprise-Friendly Device?

Since the launch of the Microsoft Surface tablet there have been a lot of discussions whether it will be able to win the heart of the consumer. And if it is so then will it be able to be used professionally at workplaces – replacing PCs?

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Microsoft Surface Vs Kindle Fire Vs New iPad

Microsoft’s Surface is a brand new released product from Microsoft. It is amalgamation of software and hardware technology through which multiple users can share digital content for exploring and creating web stuff. MS Surface has built-in keyboard that has track pad used as a part of Read More →

10 Interesting Facts about Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft has made an important turn in the Tablet market by announcing release of MS Surface on 18 June 2012. This tablet by Microsoft is designed to compete with iPad, Kindle and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Microsoft Surface Tablet PC will be released Read More →

Microsoft Surface Vs Kindle Fire

Its official now, Microsoft has its own tablet. Microsoft recently announced Microsoft’s Surface tablet PC for Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro Surface. It is known that price of Microsoft Surface will be competitive with other tablet devices like iPad, Kindle Fire etc. Read More →

Microsoft Surface – Everything you Need to Know

With the launch of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet PC, Microsoft aims to sell tablets directly to customers with Window 8 Pro and Windows RT tablets.

Features of Two Surface Models Competitors

  • Hardware of both tablets is smooth and refined. Hardware features like USB, Read More →