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Windows 8 and RT, first patches coming up

Two weeks since the launch of Windows 8 and its ARM-cousin the Windows RT, Microsoft is going to release first updates for both the operating systems this week. This is keeping with Microsoft’s ongoing monthly “Patch Tuesday” event. In light of the updates, Microsoft has posted updates on Read More →

Microsoft Spokesperson: Privacy Concerns Exaggerated

Surface Tablet Security came into question last week when Nadim Kobeissi, a Canadian security researcher, proclaimed that Microsoft's SmartScreen technology posed some privacy concerns. Kobeissi alleges that the technology, which is intended to warn users about installing malicious software, Read More →

Surface Tablet Security Concerns

A Canadian security specialist, Nadim Kobeissi, voiced his concerns this week on Surface Tablet Security concerns -- in particular Windows 8 SmartScreen technology. The Windows 8 Tablets will contain filter technology, which is designed to warn users about downloading malicious software. The SmartScreen technology Read More →

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