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2012’s Halloween Present: The Microsoft Surface RT Tablet

Consumers, it is time for one of the most-hyped products of the year, the Microsoft Surface RT tablet, to arrive on store shelves. The date predicted for the Surface tablet’s arrival (along with Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest version of its operating system) is October Read More →

Steve Ballmer: Windows 8 Surpasses Windows 95 in Magnitude

This weekend, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer dispelled rumors of a $200 Microsoft Surface tablet in an exclusive interview with Seattle Times technology reporter, Janet I. Tu. The importance of the Windows 8 operating system to the company’s future was also emphasized. Mr. Ballmer stated, “Read More →

Asus Warns Microsoft about Pricing

Asus has renamed its line of new Windows 8 products to conform more closely to prevailing market trends. At a press conference on June 4, the company stated that its Windows RT device would be named the “Tablet 600” and includes an Nvidia Tegra 3 Read More →