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Windows Store now boasts 7873 apps for Windows 8 and Surface RT

Unlike popular believe Microsoft had been toiling away quietly to make sure that their Windows 8 operating system and Surface RT tablet are launched with a plethora of apps ready to download. In fact Research VP Wes Miller at third party analyst company Directions had revealed last week there Read More →

Bill Gates gives a rare insight into Surface RT and Windows 8

In a rare insight into what he feels is in store for Microsoft in the future, former CEO Bill Gates talked about the latest product launches that Microsoft has in waiting. Both the launch of Windows 8 and the Surface RT tablet are Read More →

Dell announced the XPS-10 at price point of $499

With Windows finally starting to show some activity with their inclination to keep the promised delivery date of 26th October for the Surface RT tablet, other manufacturers are also showing signs of some inclination to follow suit. Dell announced today their plans for Read More →

Surface RT vs. Surface Pro: Help Me Choose!

Sean Hollister wrote in an article at The Verge last week that Microsoft’s customer service leaves much to be desired for individuals who want a Windows 8 device. The new Microsoft Surface RT tablet, having sold out in its pre-order week, does not come with Windows 8; Read More →

Microsoft Surface RT licensing costs to negate branded PC competitiveness

A potential price war is imminent as Microsoft launches their Surface tablet powered by the Windows RT. But while Microsoft seems to be going to dominate the tablet segment powered by Windows RT operating system branded PC manufacturers are going to find it difficult to Read More →

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