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Costco To Offer Microsoft Surface RT Tablet

The local Costco outlet may be the best place to purchase the Surface RT tablet, according to a recent report. Aside from Staples, Best Buy and the Microsoft Store, the Microsoft Surface tablet is now available through Costco in addition to the Read More →

IDC Analyst Estimates 3 Million Surface Tablets in 2012

An IDC analyst reported to CNET recently that Microsoft is gearing up to build millions of Windows 8 Tablets. IDC estimates the company is initially planning to produce over 3 million Windows 8 Tablets and although they have yet to reveal the actual pricing Read More →

Lenovo Executive: Windows RT Tablets Priced $300 to $400

According to a Lenovo executive, Windows RT tablets will start at a price of about $300 when introduced to the market in October. David Schmoock, head of Lenovo’s North American operations, stated in an interview with Bloomberg that the Windows Read More →

[Rumor] Windows RT Surface Tablet for $199: True or Not?

Ever since Microsoft announced that it will be releasing a new version of its Surface tablet, the Windows RT Surface tablet, talks about how much it will priced have been floating around. A Swedish site allegedly reported that the price will be over $1000, which Read More →

[Rumor] Surface RT to cost $745 not $1,000 and Surface Pro to cost $1,386 is Swedish retail website caused an uproar and indignation among consumers who are waiting for Microsoft Surface Tablet PC selling at around the same iPad price.

The Surface Tablet price list appeared  in as follows:

Rumor And News: Microsoft Surface Tablet

In this article we will cast light on the news and rumors related to the Microsoft's Surface tablet. There are a lot of gossips around the mediasphere related to the features of the new Surface tablet. Will it be able to beat iPad? What will be its effect Read More →

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