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It’s a Pink nightmare on New York’s Subway Car

It’s a nightmare if you're sensitive to the color pink and hate the idea that its trying to consume you from all directions. When Microsoft decided to overdo their marketing by painting an entire New York subway car with this hideous pink color I don’t Read More →

Latest Ad For Surface Tablet Unveiled [Video]

The TV advertising campaign of Microsoft for the Surface RT tablet, which came out around eleven days prior the device was launched, basically featured a lively team of skilled dancers showing off their talents. Although the advertisement was an attention-grabber, it did not highlight Read More →

“Most Effective” Tablet Ad This Year [Video]

Surface Tablet advertising campaign is kicking into high gear with the first made for TV ad focusing on the younger generation. The Microsoft Surface tablet commercial revolves, in an energetic fashion, around young girls in Catholic schoolgirl outfits dancing on pedestals while embracing the Microsoft tablet PC.

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Latest Microsoft Surface Tablet Commercial Unveiled [Video]

An advertisement of the Microsoft Surface tablet hints of a major change in the marketing policy of one of the biggest software manufacturers in the world.  The Surface RT tablet is the first entry of the company in the rather competitive tablet market.

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