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Evaluation Shows Surface RT Display At Par With Competition

The recent results of the evaluation made by Display Mate on the screen display of the Microsoft Surface tablet. The 1366 by 768 resolution of the device is the minimum resolution needed to allow Windows 8 devices to utilize the snap function of the device. This comes despite Read More →

Spec War: Surface RT vs. IPad 4

Microsoft has now entered the tablet arena with its newest tablet, the Surface tablet running Windows RT (a watered-down version of Windows 8). With the Surface RT Tablet on the market and an entrance into the tablet wars for the first time, Microsoft, like Read More →

Leveling the Viewing Field: Microsoft Surface vs. IPad 3 Screen Resolution

One of the major debates in the tech world at the moment pertains to screen resolution and graphics. The question on the table is, “Which device has the best screen resolution: the new iPad (iPad 3) or the Microsoft Surface”? There are two Read More →

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