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Lifecycle for Surface RT Tablet With Windows RT Clarified

A recent report indicated that the Surface RT tablet will be supported by Microsoft for four years while the Windows 8 version will receive support until September 2018.

However, the Microsoft Surface tablet will still Read More →

Issue on the Office 2013 running on Surface RT, Microsoft responds

Following a complaint by Hacker News, an anonymous Microsoft employee and a member of the Word team had gone in to check. The issue was the slow response time of Microsoft Word when the user is typing. This could be either an issue Read More →

Improved Typing In Office Apps For Windows 8 Touch Devices

Typing on a virtual keyboard or screen keyboard on a tablet has always been a challenge. Yes, it is easy to type on iPad and we can type at considerable speed but as the tablet size decreases it becomes hard to type faster. Also a Read More →

Improved Targeting Of New Office Apps For Windows 8 Touch Devices

In my last post we discussed why touch responsiveness is necessary to make the application appealing, efficient and user-friendly. We are discussing different parts of touch-friendly Office 2013 apps that have gone major change in order Read More →

Thin Is In, Samsung Ativ Tab Announced In Berlin

Microsoft Surface Competitors have begun coming out of the woodwork lately and Samsung has just weighed in with its main contender. The company presented the Samsung Ativ Tab today at the IFA (International Franchise Association) event in Berlin, Germany. With complete Windows 8 functionality, Read More →

Touch Responsiveness Of New Office Apps For Windows 8 Touch Devices

Since the launch of the Surface tablet Microsoft has been revamping and refactoring its applications so as to make them best suited for touch devices running Windows 8, mainly targeting UX of Surface users. We have also covered some Microsoft applications that have been Read More →

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