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Nielsen Survey: Low Demand For Surface Tablet

The demand for tech gadget as gifts is expected to increase with the upcoming holiday shopping season. A recent Nielsen survey to check the gadgets that was on top of the list of things to purchase among children and adults in the US. The results indicated that Read More →

Homegrown Surface Ad Runs All Over the Little iPad [Video]

While Apple‘s commercials have been mostly low key, cute little flicks that make you smile, Microsoft has come out of the gate running with a highly acclaimed ad that makes you want to get up and dance. That is the whole theme (with a touch of macabre) behind Read More →

Leaked: Xbox Surface is Under Production

According to an exclusive report at “The Verge,” noted for their information sources at Microsoft, a new 7" gaming tablet is not far from becoming a reality. The latest leak has stated that the devise is currently under production.

Back in June, before the official Microsoft Surface Read More →

Latest Microsoft Surface Tablet Commercial Unveiled [Video]

An advertisement of the Microsoft Surface tablet hints of a major change in the marketing policy of one of the biggest software manufacturers in the world.  The Surface RT tablet is the first entry of the company in the rather competitive tablet market.

Read More →

More Than 420 Million Devices Supported By Windows RT OS

More than 420 million devices are supported by the Windows RT OS according to Steven Sinofsky of Microsoft. Sinofsky made the revelation during a recent Windows 8 event as indicated in a report from Among the devices that will use the Windows RT OS is the Read More →

Can’t Live With ‘Em, Can’t Live Without ‘Em: NFC and GPS

If you view the specifications of the Surface tablets at Microsoft’s home page, you will notice that Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, and ClearType are three technologies Microsoft placed within its new Surface tablet. Near Field Communication (NFC) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are two current Read More →

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