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Microsoft Surface vs. Asus Transformer Prime

The Asus Transformer Prime is known as “the King of Android tablets,” meaning that it is the best tablet running the Android OS to date. In this comparison, then, the newest tablet (Microsoft Surface) will compete against “the iPad competitor” to see which tablet Read More →

Microsoft’s GodFather Support Surface Tablet And Solace PC Maker

Microsoft have faced many failures in the mobile phone and music players arena. But after that, its Xbox gaming system became popular and later kinect motion sensing device started shaking the gaming world. Despite the failures and successes in the hardware manufacturing field, Microsoft, once again, took the Read More →

10 Interesting Facts about Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft has made an important turn in the Tablet market by announcing release of MS Surface on 18 June 2012. This tablet by Microsoft is designed to compete with iPad, Kindle and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Microsoft Surface Tablet PC will be released Read More →

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