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Microsoft Eyes to Get the Top Rank Leaving Apple Behind

Tech industry seems to be exuberating with the energy after Microsoft unveiled its Windows 8 Surface tablets. With many rival tablets already in users’ hands and getting top ranks, one wonders in which waters is Microsoft trying to step in. But, Steve Ballmer, the CEO of this Apple-rival Read More →

Weekly Microsoft Surface Tablet Recap #1

Time flies, read and catch-up with everything, we bring you a Weekly Recap from SurfaceAdvice: all of the past week in one place.

  • Microsoft's GodFather Support Surface Tablet And Solace PC Maker
  • Microsoft Surface Windows RT vs. Google Nexus 7
  • Aggressive and peaceful statements about Surface from Tablet Market
  • Is Read More →

Surface Tablet PC for Windows 8 RT VS Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft has revealed “some” of the features of its Surface Pro – the Intel Ivy Bridge-based tablet -, and Windows RT Surface - the ARM based Microsoft Surface. Microsoft Surface Tablets are aiming to hit the Apple iPad market share and thus are Read More →

3 Polls To Find Out The Willingness Of People To Buy Surface

This article is going to be very interesting as we are going to discuss the poll results of different websites. This will give you an insight of what people think about Microsoft's soon-to-be-available tablet.

Poll 1: What makes the Microsoft Surface tablet different?

The Read More →

Is Surface Tablet An Enterprise-Friendly Device?

Since the launch of the Microsoft Surface tablet there have been a lot of discussions whether it will be able to win the heart of the consumer. And if it is so then will it be able to be used professionally at workplaces – replacing PCs?

Trend Read More →

Aggressive and peaceful statements about Surface from Tablet Market

Microsoft intends to hit in the back of Apple’s iPad with its Microsoft Surface Tablet. But would this Windows 8 tablet really be able to take iPad’s market share? Market research says a big N.O.!

It is expected that this Fall would see Read More →