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An Overview Of The Applications That We Will Be Able To Enjoy On Surface Tablet

Applications play a vital role in promoting a tablet computer or a smartphone. iPhone is awesome we can do a lot with the hundreds of thousands of applications available at the App Store. Same the case with Android tablets and smartphones. As the Android app market is growing Read More →

Windows RT Tablets To Debut Without Full Office 2013 Experience

Microsoft is at its height of success, at its apex of their triumph hitherto. Taking into consideration the year 2012, first they bombarded the technological media with announcing the Windows 8, along with the RT tablets, which will be touch screen tablets, also accompanied by a Read More →

On the Edge: The Microsoft Surface Digital Stylus Pen

Microsoft has come forward with its announcement about a Microsoft Surface tablet within the last few weeks. According to the Windows company, the tablet will “surface” on the tech market this fall and will offer both Windows RT and Windows Pro versions (Windows 8 software). The Windows Read More →

[Rumor] Surface RT to cost $745 not $1,000 and Surface Pro to cost $1,386 is Swedish retail website caused an uproar and indignation among consumers who are waiting for Microsoft Surface Tablet PC selling at around the same iPad price.

The Surface Tablet price list appeared  in as follows:

Microsoft Going Cloud with the New Office

Yahoo may have snatched the limelight from Microsoft after announcing Google’s Marissa Mayor as its new CEO, but the mighty Microsoft got it back! So, with Windows 8 announcement and unveiling of Microsoft Windows 8 Surface, here is another leap of going cloud with the new Read More →

Amazon’s Germany website shows 5 models of Surface Tablet

Amazon website in germany shows 5 models of Microsoft Surface Tablet without prices or release dates. The website shopper can sign up via email to be notified when they become available. The list of Surface Tabet as follows:
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