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An Overview Of The Applications That We Will Be Able To Enjoy On Surface Tablet

Applications play a vital role in promoting a tablet computer or a smartphone. iPhone is awesome we can do a lot with the hundreds of thousands of applications available at the App Store. Same the case with Android tablets and smartphones. As the Android app market is growing Read More →

Accept Credit Cards on Your Surface Tablet with PaymentMax App

According to Microsoft, the Surface Tablet will be released around the same time as the Windows 8 and will act as a “companion hardware” for the new Windows. Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO, said while speaking to reporters: “We wanted to give Windows 8 Read More →

Hack Weekends for Developers to build Microsoft Surface Apps

With the release of Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Singapore launched series of activity sequence as a part of their dream. Hack weekend activity will take place over a period of four weekends. It aims to educate developers and designers with latest Windows 8 software. From the Microsoft release preview, we can guess Read More →

First Business Application for Microsoft Tablet PC

With Microsoft launching Surface Tablet PC soon, ERPLY, recent cloud based point of sale provider has announced their latest POS version for Mango tablet platform and Windows 8. It works great when used in stores as POS. It has latest user interface that is Read More →