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Surface RT Tablet Can Be Browsed More Flash-Based Sites By IE10

The Internet Explorer 10 was first unveiled for the Windows 8 and the Windows RT by Microsoft, according to a report. This will allow Microsoft to forego using third-party web browser plug-ins. A plug-in will not be necessary for the Modern version of the Internet Explorer 10 of Read More →

Surface RT comes a cropper at browser performance test

In what may come as a surprise for many Microsoft fans and certainly leave a bitter taste in the mouth for those in Redmond, the Surface RT’s browser performance running the latest Explorer 10 has come in for some blasting in a recent test. While those at Microsoft Read More →

Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox will obtain surface users

With Microsoft revealing Surface Tablet to be launched this fall, among specs-war there is a heated browser debate too. Who will get the most Surface users and who will be falling down? It all started when during the keynote speech at the ceremony, Read More →

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