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AdDuplex: Surface RT was leading the Windows RT Tablets market

AdDuplex, an online advertising network, which had been tracking access of their network from various devices running Windows 8 and RT had reported earlier (about a few weeks into the launch of the Microsoft 8 and RT based tablets) that the Surface RT Tablet Read More →

HP: Surface RT is kludgy, quite slow and more hype than value

HP’s head of PC, Todd Bradley, has given some candid comments about the Microsoft Windows RT and the Surface RT tablet. In a sort of reiteration of the statements issued by HP earlier this year, Bradley mentioned in an interview to IDG Enterprise that the Read More →

Vimeo app arrived on Windows Store

Two weeks into the launch of Windows 8 the Windows Store for apps is getting richer by the day. The official app for video sharing and streaming service Vimeo made a quiet appearance of its own. Vimeo fights for the same spot Read More →

HP launches Envy x2 to take on Surface RT and iPad

HP’s new Envy x2 is a pricey little device that can well serve both the utilities of a tablet and a serious notebook. It runs the full version of Windows 8 and has all the ports that one would normally associate with a full fledged Read More →

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