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Windows 8 search app from Google now adds RT support

While Google did come up with the official search app for Windows 8, the app did not support Windows RT straight away. That meant the thousands of Surface RT users were unable to take advantage of Google’s powerful search program. Today however the search Read More →

How To Use The Search Charm

The Search charm can be used for searching apps, settings, or files on a Surface Tablet. It can also be used in searching for things in an app that is currently being used or another app selected by you. For instance, you can search for the latest apps Read More →

How To Use The Charms bar

The charms on both Windows 8 and Windows RT facilitate searching for content, sharing images and links, connecting devices, and changing settings in a device. In order to know more about the benefits derived from this function on the new OS from Microsoft, it is Read More →

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