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Device Charging Cover Hinted For Surface Pro Tablet

The Surface AMA of Microsoft on Reddit discussed a number of concerns on the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, according to a report from Aside from answering questions on the battery life and storage, the Surface Team also hinted at the surface pro Read More →

Possible Surface Pro Battery Add-On Hinted

An Ask Me Anything or an AMA session was held by the Surface team on Reddit recently. The session, which was led by Panos Panay, discussed the soon-to-be-released Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. The discussion also hinted at possible accessories that are linked to Read More →

How To Improve Surface RT Touch Responsive

A simple tweak but one that promises a lot of difference in the touch responsiveness of the Surface Tablet; XDA Developers Forum member “tamarasu” seems to be have figured out a way to increase the touch responsiveness of Surface RT.

The approach was simple, just modify a Read More →

Surface Pro Has A Shorter Battery Life

The Microsoft Surface tablet has a significant battery life, according to a recent Read More →

Half the battery life of the Surface RT, says Microsoft, when comparing with the Surface Pro

Microsoft has finally come out with some definite pricing information about the Surface Pro. Along with that we also have a few bits and pieces of information about the hardware itself, thanks to the official Twitter account of the company.

While responding to Read More →

Dismantling the Surface RT tablet

The folks at iFixit decide to give the Surface RT tablet a thorough anatomical dissection. They had a few hiccups while doing it though. This is how they went about it. The kickstand was the first to go. It is surprisingly stubborn, screwed onto the Read More →