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Microsoft promises Surface RT users a fix by early Feb

Microsoft inadvertently released a problem into the Surface RT Tablet when they released the last patch Tuesday updates (January 8). A Surface RT firmware update released along with many others seems to be the culprit. Users who downloaded and installed the updates are unable to Read More →

Microsoft “actively investigating” Surface RT Jailbreak

During the chaos of the CES 2013, during last week, one particular news may have just slipped by you and that is about a developer known by his handle “Netham45” on the XDA Developers Forum, who developed a jailbreak for Read More →

Jailbroken Windows RT allows Mac OS to run on Surface RT

Following the successful jailbreaking of the Windows RT OS and the release of an automated jailbreaking tool, the Microsoft Surface RT has suddenly become a new experimental platform for developers and researchers Read More →

Now a Windows RT jailbreak tool debuts

Known only by his handle ‘netham45’ this programmer released a batch file on the XDA Developers website which he claims can automate the process. The process begins by first exploiting and then modifying a specific area of the Windows RT kernel and then to allow the user to Read More →

Jailbreak For Windows RT Applauded By Microsoft

After a jailbreak was discovered on the Windows RT of Microsoft, the software giant has reportedly applauded the people involved, according to a report from A spokesperson for Microsoft has reportedly Read More →

Tegra 4 Processor Launched By NVIDIA

The Tegra 4, the latest mobile processor of NVIDIA, was launched recently at a Consumer Electronics Show 2013 event held in Las Vega, according to a report. The new processor enhances the capabilities of its previous versions. The ULP GeForce graphics processor features 72 GPU cores along Read More →

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