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Microsoft Surface Outshines Apple In Coolness Level Among Teenagers

Buzz Marketing Group, a company that focuses on youth marketing, revealed that more young people are interested in the Microsoft Surface tablet compared to those who find a similar product from Apple appealing. according to a report by shows the similarity of the latest Read More →

Tim cook makes candid remarks about rival’s Surface RT

In a candid remark, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook appeared not to be too impressed with the new Windows Surface RT tablet.  He remarked that the tablet did give a distinct feeling of being “a fairly compromised, confusing product”. Tim was addressing the Q4 2012 Read More →

Partnership Or Prosecution: What Will Be Microsoft’s Reaction To Samsung Windows Tab?

Windows Surface tablet isn’t out there yet, but business moguls have already started taking stands for and against it. HP and Acer have defined their stances against the release of this tablet. Perhaps, they don’t want another contender for their already depleting hardware sales. However, things aren’t the Read More →

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