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Leveling the Viewing Field: Microsoft Surface vs. IPad 3 Screen Resolution

One of the major debates in the tech world at the moment pertains to screen resolution and graphics. The question on the table is, “Which device has the best screen resolution: the new iPad (iPad 3) or the Microsoft Surface”? There are two Read More →

Surface Pricy — Analyst’s View

Although the upcoming Microsoft Surface RT tablet will be priced $100 less than a similar Apple iPad, at least one analyst thinks the Windows 8 Tablet’s cost is too high. In an exclusive interview with Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu, on the Wall Street Read More →

Surface RT vs. Surface Pro: Help Me Choose!

Sean Hollister wrote in an article at The Verge last week that Microsoft’s customer service leaves much to be desired for individuals who want a Windows 8 device. The new Microsoft Surface RT tablet, having sold out in its pre-order week, does not come with Windows 8; Read More →

On the Edge: The Microsoft Surface Digital Stylus Pen

Microsoft has come forward with its announcement about a Microsoft Surface tablet within the last few weeks. According to the Windows company, the tablet will “surface” on the tech market this fall and will offer both Windows RT and Windows Pro versions (Windows 8 software). The Windows Read More →

Microsoft Surface vs. Asus Transformer Prime

The Asus Transformer Prime is known as “the King of Android tablets,” meaning that it is the best tablet running the Android OS to date. In this comparison, then, the newest tablet (Microsoft Surface) will compete against “the iPad competitor” to see which tablet Read More →

Microsoft Eyes to Get the Top Rank Leaving Apple Behind

Tech industry seems to be exuberating with the energy after Microsoft unveiled its Windows 8 Surface tablets. With many rival tablets already in users’ hands and getting top ranks, one wonders in which waters is Microsoft trying to step in. But, Steve Ballmer, the CEO of this Apple-rival Read More →

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