Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft has revealed “some” of the features of its Surface Pro – the Intel Ivy Bridge-based tablet -, and Windows RT Surface – the ARM based Microsoft Surface. Microsoft Surface Tablets are aiming to hit the Apple iPad market share and thus are being continuously compared. With these two almost similar looking tablets, Microsoft had made things little confusing. Let’s go through some of the specs that distinguish the two Microsoft Tablet PCs and decide what could be the best for us.

Dimensions: Main physical difference between the two is the thickness: the Surface tablet for Windows RT is the thinner option at 9.3mm, while the Windows 8 Pro Surface is bit heftier measuring about 14mm.

Operating System: The other very loud difference is of course of the operating system with Surface Pro running Windows 8 and RT Surface running Windows RT.

Processor: Windows 8 Tablet is powered by Intel Core i5 (ivy-Bridge) processor and is also heavier. On the other hand RT Surface is powered by Nvidia ARM Chip which is designed for the lower-powered processors as of smart phones and tablets. iPad too uses this processor. Windows RT Surface is much lighter almost 676grams as compared to Windows 8 Tablet weighing 903gms.

Though both designs have slight differences in appearance and dimensions, both Microsoft Surface are highly portable. So you cannot choose one and reject the other on this draw-point.

Display: The two Microsoft Tablet PCs will be sporting same Display dimensions, at 10.6inch LCDs with Gorilla Glass. Microsoft will also be using its own ClearType technology to make text stand out better. Windows 8 Pro Surface will be taking a lead here with 1082p sharp screen resolution as compared to 720p of RT Surface.

Storage: It is revealed that Surface tablet based on RT will be having two storage options of 32GB and 64GB capacity. The Windows 8 Pro Surface being more Pro here will be having more storage capacity with 64GB and 128GB options.

Pricing: Microsoft is aiming to launch RT Surface at the market price of $500, while the Windows 8 Pro will be somewhere around $800.

When it comes to taking a decision and selecting one of the Microsoft’s Surface Tablets you would need to ask yourself if you are going for a tablet just to be a part of mainstream trend or do you want it to be a full substitute for your aging laptop (with keyboard case). And definitely, keeping an eye on your budget too.

Windows RT tablet is more like an iPad with only running Metro apps giving you some sofa computing powers. Whereas Window 8 Pro will be a highly robust machine quite spectacular at multi-tasking and doubling up as a full computer. For more intensive PC-level tasks, Window 8 Pro will be your best bet otherwise; the cheaper RT surface isn’t too bad build to use too. No hustle to make the decision though, still a few months…!