Microsoft Surface Tablet

According to Microsoft, the Surface Tablet will be released around the same time as the Windows 8 and will act as a “companion hardware” for the new Windows. Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO, said while speaking to reporters: “We wanted to give Windows 8 its own companion hardware innovation.”

In addition to being a companion hardware for the upcoming Windows 8, which is expected to be released in the fall, the Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Tablet’s most impressive function is accepting payment while on the move. This is all made possible by the PaymentMax credit card application, which enables you to take payments directly from the device.

This feature would certainly make the Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Tablet and the PaymentMax credit card application very popular upon its release. All various businesses using this device to accept payments, no matter how small or large, look to benefit from this release as it makes transactions smoother and quicker.

While it may seem to be complicated, the credit card application by PaymentMax is fairly simple and easy to use. It will allow users to key-in credit cards on the Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Tablet, the payment information from which will be sent directly to the processor on a secure network. The PaymentMax system claims to be PCI-compliant, which means the information processed is safe from the reach of third parties.

Once the transaction is complete, access to the money is quick and easy. The cash is transferred from the PaymentMax credit card application directly into your account, which makes it all the more easier for you to access it whenever need be. This is also predicted to make a difference in the business’ cash flow as transactions would be taking lesser time than before and money would be readily available whenever needed.

The upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Tablet and the PaymentMax credit card application would be especially useful to the mobile business owners. With this device, they would be able to accept payments via mobile, increasing their sales and revenues respectively.

PaymentMax, which was started up in the United States in 2004, has been working to provide solutions to make credit and debit card transactions easier for their clients throughout the United States ever since it was incorporated. It is used by various businesses, merchants, retailers and wholesalers, which is why the new PaymentMax credit card application is predicted to be a hit with the existing customers.