surface rt power supply

I am having a little problem with my Surface RT tablet that I would like to share with you so you do not run into the same problems I have. The problem is the magnetic plug on the power supply does not work correctly. It may seem insignificant to some users out their but if you do not pay attention when hooking up the cable to charge the battery the Surface Tablet will not actually be charging.

Nine times out of ten when you hook up the cable the Surface RT signals with a sound alert that the connection has been made but on closer inspection, you will find the unit is not actually charging. This is very strange, at least to me, as the technology (magnetic connection) is one of the main selling points of the Microsoft tablets and widely promoted through the company’s advertising. The keyboard, which is the feature that is the theme behind the commercials and its magnetic attachment, work flawlessly, but quality control and engineering have apparently overlooked the cable connectivity problem.

surface rt power supplyThe solution to the problem is do not just assume the connection has been made when the Microsoft Surface tablet signals you with a satisfying thunk. You also have to check the little white light on the plug unit to be sure it is illuminated. If the light is on the Microsoft tablet is charging.