Hp Envy X2 Windows 8 Tablet

I smell Envy? Do you? Well, I just wanted to be a bit melodramatic with this one. However, you might not get to smell Envy, but you will be able to get your hands on one really soon. The all new HP Envy X2 is set to make a debut on 14th November and as per HP claims; it will be something ultra-thin and will pack one heck of a style statement. We can’t say much about that, but looking at some recent hands on reviews and pictures; Envy X2 might just stand a chance.

Having drooled over the Envy X2 above, let’s discuss why it is happening. Microsoft’s giant leap into the tablet market with exclusive Microsoft Surface RT was seen as an attempt to gain monopoly. However, the existing tablet manufacturers, who were currently replying on Android for their portfolio, saw a whooping opportunity in selling a tablet that is Windows based to masses which are already accustomed to having used it on their desktops and laptops. And this Christmas, it will be a war of Windows 8 / RT tablets and we shall all see who is going to beat who. For now, the manufacturers and flexing their muscle by announcing their Windows 8 and RT based product range.

Hp Envy X2 Windows 8 Tablet

Like Lenovo, Asus, Acer and all concerned, HP has already announced its flagship Windows 8 and RT based tablet cum notebooks. The HP Envy X2 will come with a clamshell keyboard dock design and Windows 8 on board. The processor of this machine is 1.8 GHz Intel Atom Dual core with L2 cache of 1 MB. There will be 2 GB of RAM complete with a 64 GB SSD packaged in the HP Envy X2. The display of this tablet cum notebook comes with the latest IPS LCD and measures 11.6 inches. Extra features include built-in HD bright view, a primary 8 MP camera with a 2 MP front and exclusive integration with Beats Audio. All other necessities, such as the USB 2.0 ports, HDMP and card reader are also a part of HP Envy X2.

Surface RT Vs Hp Envy X2

As for the analysis, this tablet was really cool unless I came across the processor specs. Unlike the Windows Surface RT Tablet, the HP Envy X2 comes with an Intel Atom processor that can’t really take the load of a complete Windows 8 system. I hope I am proven wrong and Atom does some miracle to save its face. And then the price! Well yes, only who earn great amounts of green might get their hands on this beauty first. HP has set a starter tag of $ 849 with the HP Envy X2 32 GB cum notebook which is way too steep for many of us in a wobbly economy we face. On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface Windows RT costs complete 200 bucks less at $ 649. And the MS Surface Windows RT tab boasts of an Intel i5 processor that is far better than an Atom on-board.

Having said all this, it is up to you to decide whether you are going to Envy everyone with an HP Envy X2 or going for the Microsoft’s Surface RT Tablet. In both cases, you need to have money for sure.

Surface RTHP Envy X2 - 32 GB
Surface RTHP Envy X2 - 32 GB
Dimension (HWD) 6.77 x 10.81 x 0.37 inches8.12 x 11.93 x 0.66 inches
Weight1.5 pounds, 1.9 pounds (with Touch Cover)1.5 pounds, 3.1 pounds with keyboard
OSWindows RTWindows 8
ProcessorNvidia Tegra T30 (1.3GHz)Dual core Intel Atom (1.80GHz)
Memorty2 GB2 GB
Storage32GB32 GB
Screen Size10.6 inches11.6 inches
Resolution1366 x 7681366 x 768
Wireless802.11a/b/gn802.11a/b/gn, WLAN multi-band Wi-Fi, NFC,
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0Bluetooth 4.0
CameraFront 720p, Rear 720pFront & Rear are 8 Megapixel. Flash: Single LED
KeyboardTouch Cover with KeyboardFull-size island-style keyboard
Key PortsFull-Size USB 2.0, microSDXC card slot, Headset Jack, HD Video out port, Cover port 2 Full-Size USB 2.0, SD card slot, Headset Jack, Mini HDMI
BatteryQuoted use time: 8 hr-
Warranty 1-year1-year