Acer Iconia Windows 8 Tablet

Since Microsoft came out with Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems, not to forget that Microsoft has taken the plunge into hardware manufacturing by producing Windows RT based tablets, it is literally a “game on” for various computer, tablet and electronics manufacturers. Back in 2011, Acer CEO J.T Wang “promised” that Acer will now focus on developing and manufacturing premium devices by letting go of substandard production. We aren’t very sure which products Mr. Wang stopped producing, since Acer isn’t a very large stakeholder in gadget manufacturing industry. Well, cutting our rant short on what kind of quality Acer puts into its products, let’s see what Windows 8 “gadgetary” Acer has for their customers.

Interestingly, there isn’t a Windows RT tablet in the Acer Windows tablet lineup. However, with their flagship W510 Windows 8 tablet, they have managed to introduce the cheapest Windows 8 powered tablet so far with a $ 549 tag (W510-1620). Remembering the fact that Microsoft Surface RT tablet and ASUS VIVO with Windows RT cost $ 699 apiece, Acer is indeed giving a good deal.

Acer Iconia Windows 8 Tablet

The Acer Iconia W510 comes with a 10.1 inch screen that boasts of a 1366 x 768 display. The processor is an Intel Atom called Clover Tail and the overall tablet weight is around 1.27 pound with a thickness ranging to 0.35 inches. The tablet is powered with 2 GB RAM and carries a primary camera (8 Mega Pixel; Rear facing) complemented with a 2 Megapixel front cam for your video conferencing and other needs. The built in storage is 32 GB (there are little high priced variants with 64 GB onboard) and has a MicroSD card slot complete with an onboard mini USB port.

To be honest with my readers, the specifications aren’t that great! You can probably search the market and carry an Android tablet with same specs home at half the $ 500 tag attached to Acer Iconia W510. However, this might be your only low-priced shot at a Windows 8 loaded tablet since other manufacturers start their gadgets with price tags of $ 700 and above.

Within this Windows 8 powered Acer Iconia W510 tab, the only interesting thing is Acer’s instant-on technology. This technology basically touts of resuming your tablet, back from stand-by state, within 1.5 seconds and can help you connect with a previously identified wireless hotspot in 2.5 seconds. We aren’t really sure if this feature is going to appeal to many of you but when you are looking for fast boots and even faster Wi-Fi connectivity, then you might consider giving this a shot.

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Acer ICONIA W510-1666
New twist .. Always on it .. Lots of life

When detached from the dock, this tablet lets you stay productive and mobile with touch convenience and a light 10.1" design. Need to do some typing? Connect the tablet to the keyboard dock1 and get to it. Then, if you want others to view the display, you can twist it up to 295 degrees.

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Surface RT VS Acer Iconia W510

When compared with the official Microsoft Surface RT tablet, Acer Iconia W510 sketches a no-go zone around it. The Microsoft Surface RT comes with Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and the pricing, officially stated by Microsoft, is $ 499 without Touch Cover and 32 GB on board. So why on earth would someone leave Nvidia Tegra 3 “processored” Microsoft’s branded Surface RT tablet for an Intel Atom powered Iconia W510? We don’t have any answer; do you?

And yes, according to some of the latest info available via trusted tech sources, Acer has pushed its Windows RT tablet plans to the wall for the time being. We are still in the process of finding out the reason but until then; do let us know your thought about the Acer W510 Windows 8 tablet in the comments section below.

Surface RTIconia W510-1620Iconia W510-1666
Surface RTIconia W510-1620Iconia W510-1666
Dimension (HWD) 6.77 x 10.81 x 0.37 inches6.60 x 10.18 x 0.35 inches6.60 x 10.18 x 0.35 inches
Weight1.5 pounds, 1.9 pounds (with Touch Cover)1.3 pounds, 2.6 pounds (with Keyboard)1.3 pounds, 2.6 pounds (with Keyboard)
OSWindows RTWindows 8Windows 8
ProcessorNvidia Tegra T30 (1.3GHz)Intel Atom Z2760 (1.5 GHz)Intel Atom Z2760 (1.5 GHz)
Memorty2 GB2GB2GB
Screen Size10.6 inches10.1 inches10.1 inches
Resolution1366 x 7681366 x 7681366 x 768
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0Bluetooth 4.0Bluetooth 4.0
CameraFront 720p, Rear 720p Front 2 Megapixel, Rear 8 Megapixel Front 2 Megapixel, Rear 8 Megapixel
KeyboardTouch Cover with KeyboardKeyboard Dock with battery (Optional)Keyboard Dock with battery (Optional)
Key PortsFull-Size USB 2.0, microSDXC card slot, Headset Jack, HD Video out port, Cover port Micro-USB 2.0 , micro-HDMI, and a micro-SD card slot. The keyboard Dock adds a full-sized USB Micro-USB 2.0 , micro-HDMI, and a micro-SD card slot. The keyboard Dock adds a full-sized USB
Battery31.5 Wh, Quoted use time: 8 hrQuoted use time: 9 hrQuoted use time: 9 hr
Warranty 1-year1-year1-year