Verizon sell Surface Tablet

The buzz on the street seems to be about Microsoft quietly shipping their Surface RT tablets to Verizon stores for an imminent direct sale to customers. A member of the Wpcentral forum clicked a picture of a Windows RT tablet on display at a local Verizon store. He mentioned that when he walked into his local Verizon store he was bit surprised to see a Surface RT demo model on display. According to the store manager Microsoft has been keeping this quiet. The store manager was skeptical about the availability of the 4G versions and mentioned that these are most likely going to be only the Wi-Fi versions.

Verizon’s apparent attempt to keep the cost down and also to ensure there are no signaling issues are probably the two reasons why we would not see a 4G Surface RT on Verizon’s own stores. Even Microsoft previously had mentioned that most people do not like to use tablets with 4G enabled. This beats the logic of selling Surface RT tablets on the Verizon stores as they would be not be able to sell any service for the same. May be there have been some arrangements between the two companies and a margin on sales have been promised. Microsoft is quite understandably trying to make the presence of Windows 8 and RT felt in the market and trying to push through the OS even if it means losing a bit of money in the process. They would be ideally looking to make a long term commitment for the success of the OS.

In the mean time we shall wait and see when and if the Surface tablets go on sale at Verizon stores.

Source: , Image via jrj2013