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Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, initially announced in a company meeting last September that all employees of the company will receive a Surface RT tablet along with Windows Phone 8 devices, as reported on

Another report indicated that all direct and full-time employees of the company will receive the Microsoft Surface tablet, which they can use at work and at home. Tweets from the Key Arena, the venue of the meeting, revealed that the morale was boosted by the statement by the CEO of the company.

The tablets were finally released to the employees on December 12 as a number of employees revealed that they already got their tablet units.

Microsoft employees based in twelve countries were among the first ones to receive the tablet. These countries included Austria, Ireland, France, Germany, the UK, China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United States. Employees from other countries will receive the device in the next rollout. Apparently the company wanted to release the device to most of its employees before Christmas.

The gift-giving of Microsoft is a smart move for the company. The employees will be able to flaunt the latest device offering of the company to their family during get-togethers during the holidays. Some may even show it to a number of Android and Apple enthusiasts and convince them acquire the device. This move may enhance the sales of the device.

The company also aims to increase the demand for the device with the expansion of its distribution channel. The company had announced earlier that the Surface RT tablet will be offered through Best Buy and Staples. In addition to these retail outlets, the company aims to offer the device in a number of other retail stores that they have yet to identify.

In addition to the Microsoft Surface tablet, the company also released a Windows Phone 8 device to its full-time employees last fall.

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