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The Microsoft Surface tablet left a good impression on a number of people according to a recent report. However, the Surface RT tablet is only available at the retail outlets and online store of Microsoft.

It seems that the tablet offering of the software giant is not being offered in any other retail outlets outside of those own by Microsoft. Sales of the tablet have suffered since it only reaches a small portion of the tablet market due to the limited number of Microsoft retail outlets.

A study conducted by a brokerage company based in Boston, Detwiler Fenton, revealed that the limited distribution channels of the device have affected its sales. Although the price and different reactions have not helped, its absence in a number of retail outlets such as best buy has significantly affected its sales.

Although advertisements and promotional materials may pique the interest of consumers, it remains uncertain if these consumers will be able to check out the tablet if it is only offered at the stores owned by Microsoft. If these consumers will get the opportunity to see the actual tablet, it remains to be seen if they are willing to purchase it particularly since a number of Android-powered devices are cheaper compared to the $499 price tag of the tablet offering of Microsoft. This does not even take into consideration the availability of a number of models of the iPad of Apple.

Even as the sales figures for the Surface RT tablet remains uncertain the company revealed that the distribution and sales strategy of the tablet is conservative. Due to this, the fourth quarter sales figures of the device have been varied. According to Detwiler Fenton, sales of the device may reach around 600,000 units while other analysts have hinted of sales reaching 1.3 million units.

It remains to be seen if the Microsoft Surface tablet will continue to be available through the stores of the company only. It is also uncertain if the company will decide to offer it through other retail outlets particularly after the $899 Surface Pro model will finally be released into the market.

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