Surface RT Tablet

If you have not picked up a Microsoft Surface RT tablet yet, you may have a long wait to get one. The Microsoft Store’s website is now listing the 32GB Windows 8 Tablet as “out of stock” in the US, Canada, UK, German, France and Australia. The Surface RT is the cheapest of the three models Microsoft has released so far and comes without the novel Touch Cover.

The $599 32GB and the $699 64GB, both sold with the Touch Cover, are still in stock (in most locations) but you will have to lay out significantly more cash to obtain one. The $599 32GB Microsoft tablet PC is also sold out in the UK, so I would not wait too long.

The only exception to this worldwide trend is the Chinese Microsoft Store website. All three models of the Microsoft tablet PC are currently listed as in stock in this country.

True to the company’s reputation concerning monetary issues, Microsoft has no comment at this time concerning official sales of the Microsoft Surface RT tablets. The sold out status of the Microsoft tablet, however, is a good indication that sales are going well but we may have to wait until January and the company’s fourth quarter earnings announcement to discover the total sales volume.